Tech 2 scan tool review: everything worked

I just received my new Tech 2 scan tool a few days ago. There are quite a few people now ordering these scanners to do diagnostics on there 2005-2012 C6s, so I thought I would show you a product I found to store your new scanner. I ordered my scanner without their plastic storage case because their case looked pretty cheap and was an extra $35.00.. If any of you guys or gals have a Tech 2 scanner and need a case , I found one that fits the tool perfectly and is way better looking then the companys case.. I picked this one up at Harbor Freight for $24.95.. Included are both dividers for separating the items, and foam that can be cut to hold the scanner and wires… I used just the dividers because the fit was perfect. The inside of the case is also fully padded , so drops or bumps won’t hurt the scanner, the outside is made of aluminum with reinforced corners…This is a great deal for the money …WW
Update: I haven’t had much scan time with it so far.. I did hook it up to my car and make sure everything worked… I have used the GM Tech 2 made by Bosch and this seems to be every bit as well made as that unit… I paid $289.00 at a company called (chinacardiags ) ,it took about 10 days to receive the scanner , and it comes well packed and the packaging is pretty much crush proof… I got free shipping on mine, but it looks like they are charging shipping now but have dropped the price of the unit a few dollars..The nice thing about this site is you can use Paypal to pay for it instead of a charge card…….WW

Gm Tech 2 vs EFI live vs HP Tuner

Can HP tuners & EFI live do the same things as the TECH 2?
what works better and has more control over all the computers settings?
Hp Tuner vs Gm Tech 2
Tech-2 can’t tune, only scan.
HP Tuners can do both, for a heck of a lot less.
HP Tuner also graphs out the data for you, a tech-2 you simply have a small screen with some #’s on the right in a list format.
HPT can only work with ECM and TCM .
Tech 2 can work with ABS, BCM, etc.
But, Tech 2 can only change/do stuff GM intended where HPT can change all kinds of tables GM wouldn’t want us messing with. None of them mess with TPMS. Only way to disable TPMS is the LG box, or rig up sealed tube at set pressure and put the TPMS sensors in it. So both have pluses/minuses depending on what you want to do.
Is it worth if you just want to read/clear codes on your own car once in a while, heck no. If you’re doing a lot of work on GMs or want to get a lot more in depth with your car, it’s worth the money.
No comment on China knockoff quality, I mean a working tech2 scanner, Chinese made or not.
I read HP Tuners site, and there was only a paragraph blurb on HP Tuners diagnostic capability.
It allows viewing, charting and logging of diagnostic data in real time via the vehicle OBDII diagnostic data port. It also allows viewing of vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) and other vehicle information. Built in VCM controls also supported. Command fans, closed loop, gear select, timing, air fuel ratio and more real time! No editor package can be considered complete without comprehensive scan tool capabilities.
This is not enough information on knowing whether or not this is as capable as a Tech 2 for diagnostic usage. There are other things I’ve had to command on/off that I can’t remember, but they’re not just commanding the fans on/off as their quote above states…
My Wife got me an HP Tuners (standard package I believe) for Christmas. I REALLY wanted a Tech 2 (I’ll explain why I a bit), but she reasonably couldn’t afford it, as such, with Fraser (at Speed Inc), she was thinking that this would answer my needs.
Thing is, I’m not a tuner! I’ll leave the tuning of my car to Jim and company at Speed Inc. My DD, if I did anything on, would be purely settings here and there.
What I need, and why I wanted a GM Tech2 was because I’m a diagnostic person. I’m constantly maintaining a fleet of GM vehicles. These vehicles are always throwing codes (which up until now, I’ve used an ancient version of AutoTap to get the codes and freeze frame data), but I’ve had no ability to run commands to turn on EGR’s, Secondary A.I.R. systems, Purge canisters, etc, etc as is often prescribed by GM diagnostics that I have. Obvioulsy, a Tech2 can do this!
EFI live vs HP tuners
In simplest terms, HP is good for those that want it simple and quick, EFI is for those with a little more depth.
If you are a beginner just stick with HP TUNER, its simple and straight forward. If you are a little more comfortable with lots of open windows and plenty of alterations then go with the EFILIVE.
I have both, and to be honest i should have started with HP tuner, there are plenty of books and help for it.
Though if you have the time EFILIVE is constantly updatin its controller and software, not to mention they offer more indepth help on the forum for those really hard tunes.
At the end of the day, when you start tunin, make sure you have an accurate WB and tune the MAF / VE before you start to mess with idle, timin etc…A tuned MAF will always lead to a steady idle and great runnin engine.
You can get 2 but it’s overkill. One is enough as on paper you should be getting similar readings. They do not eliminate precat o2 sensors. Leave those in place as you need them. I had a bung welded to my header, pre-cat, about a couple of inches ahead of the stock o2. Make sure it’s mounted on the side (not at the top or bottom). Been running one for almost 3 years without problems other than some mild OCD.
Regarding EFI vs HP. The one thing EFI has going for it as far as I know with our PCMs is 2 or 3 bar OS support for speed density tuning for the E67 PCM (that’s 06 and 07 cars). I don’t believe HPT has 2 bar on the E67 (someone correct me). This may be a big deal for you if you go supercharged and want to flip to SD tuning and cut out your maf from the equation. I’m a big fan of it personally but I know some will say why not stick to MAF.
That’s it though. HPT has really good after market support/forums etc. EFI has far more frequent software updates + very good cummins diesel support if that floats your boat. If you ever plan to tune other cars check the licensing costs. EFI sells vin + tcm licenses at ~125 a pop (it comes with an LS1A stream license (so unlimited LS1 tuning) + 3 from new licenses so you can tune 3 unique VINs and TCMs if applicable) vs. HP tuners credits system which is a tad confusing so read up on it.
I’m using EFIlive, and like it. I’ve seen Megasquirt, HPtuners and Edelbrock (flipping joke), but am no expert. HPtuners and EFIlive have a different look and feel, but are pretty much Coke and Pepsi, IMHO. I like EFIlive, but it’s what I first learned on. If you have some good local help or find a strong community here to get help with one or the other, that would be the one I suggest…
If you don’t already have a good wideband O2, add that to the shopping list too. I’ve got an Innovate LC-1 hardwired in and like it. Opinions vary there too 🙂
If you go EFIlive, I’ll share what I have if you’re interested. I promise that won’t require crazy shipping shennanigans…
I have HPTuners never messed with EFIlive. You can do every and anything with HPTuners, even things that you will never touch is there. HPTuners also have a forum that you can learn a lot from, also FAQ and how to’s. If you do get HPTuners get the full version with Wide band support. You are shorting yourself without being able to tune with a WB. Licencing is nothing. It comes with 8 credits most GM cars take two. So I’ve tuned my GTO, my friends V2 CTS-V and now on my CTS-V and still have two credits left. The software is worth it, and takes time to learn to tune.


How to Choose gm tech 2 Scanner on chinacardiags.com

There are a few types of gm tech2 scanner in chinacardiags.com, how to choose?

Our Seven GM Tech 2 Comparison:
Item NO.PackageWeight32MB CardCANDITIS2000 USB KeyHot Selling
SP23Plastic Case5.1YesYesYES★★★★★
SP23-1Carton Box3.5YesYesyes★★★★★
SP23-BPlastic Case4.8YesYesyes★★★★★
SP23-B3Carton Box3.2YesYesyes★★★★
SP23-CPlastic Case8.9YesYesyes★★★
SP23-DPlastic Case8.9YesYesyes★★★
SP23-D1Plastic Case8.9yesyesyesjust add 1*sp23-v vci module
All of GM Tech2 are same functions,they are just from different factory.
SP23,SP23-1 the same,just the package case is different,one is with plastic case,one not.
SP23-B,SP23-B3 the same factory,the packing is different,one is with plastic case,one not.
2.GM Tech 2 Accessory:
Item NO.NameFucntion
SO22-B32 MB CARD need more cards, buy so22-b to add
SP23-ZGM Tech2 Main UnitGM Tech 2 Multiplexer
SP23-VGM Tech2 VCI moduleVCI
SP23-JGM Tech2 KeypadKeypad
SP09-BGM Tech2 CANDICandi with express shipping
SP09GM TECH2 CANDICandi with post shipping
SF63Main Test Cable for GM TECH2Main Test Cable
SO104OBD2 16PIN Connector for GM TECH2OBD2 Cable
SO01TIS2000 USB Key for GM carsWork with Tech2 for GM cars' programming function before 2007 year.
SO01-BTIS2000 USB Key for SAAB carsWork with TECH2 for SAAB before 2008 year cars' programming.
SP235ISUZU DC 24V Adapter Type II for GM Tech2can do ISUZU 24V truck

GM Tech 2 Buying Guide

Received the Tech 2 clone today. Five days from China, not bad for free shipping. Checked it out and everything is working fine except the AC-to-12VDC power adapter (dead). No problem, because I can get one anywhere for $5. In short, that is a nice piece of equipment to have, very nice!
Aside from working beautifully with OBD2, the tech2 is the scanner for GM OBD1 to use. with the right software (plug in chips like nintendo cartridges) it’ll do some daewoo/suzuki, GM medium duty (meaning bigger than 3500 using non automotive OBD2 standards), and other in the GMdistant family tree too.
In addition to generic codes (P0000-P0999) It’ll do all the proprietary GM codes (P1xxx), actuators, and systems. you can also view fuel trims, emissions readyness (beyond a green LED for all OK) and It’ll talk to ALL the modules rather than just the ECM (and if you get into the $250+scanners, ABS) like BCM, SIR, entertainment, EVERYTHING on a GM. At school I used one with a 91+ cartridge on my 87 S10, so going back further is hit or miss but posible.
To adjust shift points and fuel consumptiona and Speedo, forget it.
The TECH2 can’t do any sort of modding/tuning, only upload GM flashes. At least with legitimate software. I’m sure someone has custom software to do it but there are easier ways nowadays.
Is it worth if you just want to read/clear codes on your own car once in a while, heck no. If you’re doing a lot of work on GMs or want to get a lot more in depth with your car, it’s worth the money.

No comment on China knockoff quality, I mean a working tech2, Chinese made or not.
See my tech 2 scan tool. It’s working well.
(put the site here and i hope i don’t break the rule; if you don’t need it, forget it! http://www.chinacardiags.com/wholesale/gm-tech2-gm-diagnostic-scannerworks-for-gm-saab-opel-suzuki-isuzu-holden-1011.html)

How to use Tech2 for GM Module programming

There are 2 methods to program a module from a GM car using a Tech 2 scan tool:
If you’re trying to program a module, there are two methods. I don’t remember the exact terminology but one is pass-through and the other is using the Tech 2 as a go-between.
The pass-through is to use with a laptop in the vehicle and it just uses the Tech 2 as the connection between. This is the fastest and easiest way to do it.
The go-between method is for when you can’t bring the computer into the vehicle and uses the Tech 2 as a go-between. You connect the Tech 2 to the vehicle and download the module information that you want to program. Then you disconnect, run to the computer running Tis2000, connect it to the computer and download the programming information for that module, disconnect again and run back to the vehicle, connect it and it automatically programs the module. It can take a long time depending on the module (PCM is the longest).
However, if you’re getting crank but no start, it’s not the Vehicle Theft Deterrent (VTD) as it wouldn’t even crank if that was the issue.


Tech II clone - buy with relief from chinacardiags.com

I am confused: Tech II clone on 2013 base convertible?

I have been reading some of the threads here about Tech II clones. A lot of you recommend having a gm tech2 scanner for DIY work on our cars Which buy from Chinacardiags.com. As I do research on possibly purchasing a Tech II clone, I keep running across information about changes for the 2013 Corvette model year. One vendor in China told me I need the new GM MDI and a GDS2 software subscription from General Motors for a 2013 Corvette, and not a Tech II for my car. I understand that the MDI is the new system for GM and that it will allow programming. I am assuming that programming means flashing the control modules with updates. We all know what assume means, right? I do not intend to flash any of the control modules with updates, or do any modifications to the control modules. Given that, is the Tech II just a sophisticated code reader on 2013 Corvettes? Can a Tech II clone do anything else on a 2013 base Corvette besides read codes? Will it let me add FOBs on a 2013 vette? Could I do the VIN lockout procedure for the NAV unit with a Tech II on a 2013 vette? I am hoping that someone with a 2013 vette has a Tech II and can weigh in on my questions.

For the way that you are going to be using the Tech II clone, your going to be fine with it.
As for why GM is going to the GM MDI and a GDS2, instead of using a Tech II with TIS2000 software, it because the MDI with GDS2 flashes a hell of lot faster when you have flash a new module with either it orginal firmware or upgraded firmware. Its also faster to use than having to press buttons on the Tech II for basic commands during diagnostics as well.
So in regards to the vets, Tech II clone will cover all the C6 cars and older since the last of the updated firmware on the unit covers from here back. If you do need to reflash something, it's done via Tis2000 with the Tech II as the pass through device.
On a C7, since GM did not make upgraded firmware to flash into the Tech II's to cover these cars, then it's a MDI that is needed instead. As for the MDI's firmware, they will cover no only the new cars, but the cars that the old Tech II's used to cover as well.
Now the glitch on the MDI regarding cloning it, since it has to use the GDS2 software for the pass through only device, GDS2 software has not been cracked like Tis2000 software has been isntead.
So the only way that even a clone MDI is going to work, is to have a subscription to GM (Few $K a year) to allow you to use the GDS2 software that has to log into GM each time it used instead.
Hence the Clone Tech II unit you get will already be loaded with the most current firmware, and for most of the stuff you going to use the Tech II clone, will just be using the unit by itself without being connected to a lap top.
Also the cracked copy of Tis2000 that you get with the clone model, does not have to be connected/logged into GM to use it for 99% of the stuff (do not need an account with GM).
Note, if push comes to shove and you can not find a copy of the needed firmware to flash into a unit to upgrade a module, then you can get a one day subscription to GM to pull down the needed file from them.
Another place the people have had good luck with as well.
Credits to Dano523 and reviews from https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/


Should I buy a Tech 2 hand held or GM MDI?

Thread: GM Tech2 Scanner hand held or GM MDI?
Tech2 hand held support more then Opel cars.
It support also Isuzu, Suzuki, GM and SAAB
Just changing the PCMCIA card or flash it the one you have if you have only one with the software for cars that you need.
But this tool cannot be used with GDS2 in newer cars models after 2008 ( here we are talking in newer cars as Insignia and Astra J not the models as Corsa D 2014 wich is still supportted by the Tech 2 hand held )
GM MDI can be used as Tech2 hand held in cars from 1997 till 2014 ( but models before 2008 ) using Tec2Win emulator and can be used with GDS2 in newer models cars as Insignia and Astra J
GM MDI doesn’t support Suzuki and SAAB
Both tools suport SPS Programming. But MDI is 20 to 70% faster compared to the Tech 2 for SPS programming, which helps alleviate battery drain on vehicles. This means flashing new ECU software is both quicker and more stable,for example, re-flashing an engine ECU using the Tech 2 could take up to 1 hour, with the MDI it’s just 10 minutes. You can therefore flash 6 cars with the MDI in the same time as it would take 1 with the Tech 2.
I’m also using a HQ OP-COM clone with the lastest version of softwear wich cover even Corsa D 2014 made in february 2014 ( it covers allmost all functions of Tech2 for cars between 2004 – 2013 and better connection for cars before 1997 even it is the same tool revision B hardwear ) and an AVDI ( using Tech2win and GDS2 )
If you need a better cover my advise to you is to buy a GM MDI but the GM Tech2 hand held it is still good
Anyway in the end it is your choice-this is only my opinion
Good luck
FAQ: GM MDI vs. GM Tech2 Diagnostic Scanner
1) Will I need a subscription to use the MDI?
yes currently you need seperate subscriptions for tech2win(tech 2 emulator)
gds2 (newer diagnostic application for global a cars and up) and sps (reflashing)
2) Will I be able to scan and tune without a subscription?
3) should I sell my tech 2 and buy a MDI?
they can pry mine from my dead lifeless fingers
4) are they cloning GM MDI’s or are all the GM MDI’s I see for sale the real deal?
i have seen clone mdi’s make sure its from a reputable source
I have zero experience with the GM MDI so any education is very much appreciated
i use my tech 2 on a daily basis (i own a repair facility)
i also use tech2win and gds2 and gm sps frequently using a cardaq-m interface
if you wanted a way to access tech2win and gds2 and sps (for factory flash updates) the cheapest way currently is the mongoose gm 2 interface by drewtech ($495 iirc)
however you will still need a subscription for the desired function
original: Should I buy a Tech 2 hand held or GM MDI?


Tech 2 clone SP23-B3, SP23-1, SP23-B, SP23-C – Confused!

Tech 2 SP23-B3, SP23-1, SP23-B, SP23-C. Now I am confused. I see several members on this thread bought the SP23-C, you got the SP23-B3, what are the differences?
You have to look carefully at what is included. For example the -B comes with the case but the memory card is not listed or shown. The -B3 came with all the accessories but no case which reduced shipping cost by quite a bit. You can't go wrong with the -B3. It has everything but the case.
From the Sp23-B3 web page:
Tips Help you choose suitable Tech II:
There are 5 configurations of Tech2 on our website, they are SP23-B3, SP23-B, SP23-C and SP23,SP23-1
All of them have the same function, their differences are :
SP23-B is the best Tech2 with a black plastic box, better for shipping
SP23-B3 is the SP23-B with a carton box and best quality
SP23, SP23-C is the same as SP23-B, it also includes the Black carry box, but comes from another manufacture.
SP23-1 is the most cost-effective one,it is with carton box, will help you save much more money.
In details... look at the chart:
Item NO.PackageWeight(kg)32MB CardCANDITIS2000 USB KeyHot Selling
SP23Plastic Case5.1YesYesYES★★★★★
SP23-1Carton Box3.5YesYesyes★★★★★
SP23-BPlastic Case4.8YesYesyes★★★★★
SP23-B3Carton Box3.2YesYesyes★★★★★
SP23-CPlastic Case8.9YesYesyes★★★
SP23-DPlastic Case8.9YesYesyes★★★
SP23-D1Plastic Case8.9yesyesyesjust add 1*sp23-v vci module


How to use Tech 2 for Service Programming System (SPS)

GM Service Programming System manual:
The GM Service Programming System (SPS) is a personal computer (PC) application used to reprogram vehicle electronic control modules (ECMs). The SPS application programs General Motors programmable control modules by using the Tech 2 Flash scan tool or the Next Generation scan tool as a “pass-thru” device to communicate program data to the vehicle control module. All programming steps are activated and finalized through the PC
Service Programming System software CDs
GM Service Programming System kit contains two compact discs (CD):
  • An Application CD which loads the SPS application
  • A Data CD which loads SPS data
System Requirements

SPS application install
Step 1: Determine if TCP/IP protocol is installed
- If you have a network card installed then you only need
to verify that TCP/IP protocol has been configured.
- If your PC is already set up with TCP/IP protocol, go to
“Install the SPS Software”
Step 2: Install the SPS Application CD software
To install the SPS software, follow these steps:
1 Insert the Application CD into the PC’s CD drive.
The TIS 2000 Installation Welcome window appears automatically
(Figure 1.8).
Note: If the TIS2000 software was previous installed and
removed from the PC, a message may appear asking to
reuse old settings. If so, click the NO button to NOT reuse
old settings.

2 Click the Next button to continue. This displays the Language Selection window.

3 Select a language for the application and then click the Next button. This displays the Choose Destination Location window.

4 Click the Next button. This displays the Choose Serial
Port window (Figure 1.11).
Note: Clicking the Next button on the Destination
Location window places the SPS application in the
destination directory C:\Program Files\cosids. You can
optionally click the Browse button to select a different
destination directory for the files.

5 Select the serial port to use for the scan tool connection. This must be an open COM port where no external devices are connected. Then click the Next button. This displays the TIS2000 Installation Mode window.

6 Select Standalone and then click the Next button. This displays the Set DEALERSHIP window.

7 Select NAO (North American Operations) and then
click the Next button. This configures settings, starts the
Decurity Device Installation module, and displays the
TIS2000 Security Device Add / Remove window.
Note: This installation of TIS2000 supports reflash of
Saturn vehicles. Other dealership installations are not

Note: The Security Device Installation module configures the USB security key, which is a component of the SPS Kit. The installation of the USB security key requires strict attention or TIS2000 will not perform as expected.
8 Click the checkbox above USB Security Key to place a checkmark in the box (Figure 1.14). Then click the Continue button. This displays an Information window (Figure 1.15).

9 Follow the instructions on the Information window and then click the OK button. This displays a Hardware Installation message box.

10 Click the Continue Anyway button. This displays the Program Completed window.

11 Install the purple USB security key as instructed on the
window and then click the OK button.
Note: Make sure the security key installs securely into
the PC’s USB port. After installing the software, do not
remove the security key from the USB port; it must remain
in the port for the TIS2000 SPS application to work.
12 This begins the TIS2000 software installation and
displays a progress indicator message (Figure 1.18).
Wait for the installation to complete and for the completion
message to appear (Figure 1.19).

13 Click the OK button.
14 Remove the Application CD from the PC’s CD drive.
15 Go to Update the SPS Data
Step 3: Update the data with the SPS Data CD
Note: During the update, the TIS2000 software skips the initial language, dealership, etc. steps and uses current TIS2000 settings. TIS2000 also skips over SecDevIns (Security Device Installer) and uses the current TIS2000 settings.
1 Insert the Data CD into the PC’s CD drive and wait approximately
20 seconds for the TIS2000 Update message to appear.
Note: On Windows XP systems, a browser window may
open displaying the contents of the CD. If so, close the
window and double-click the TIS2000 icon on the
Window’s desktop. Because TIS2000 looks for new
updates each time you start the application, the Update
message appears.
2 Click the OK button to continue. This begins the update and displays a progress indicator message. When the update completes, a completion message appears
3 Click the OK button. The application is ready to use.
4 Begin using the SPS application by double-clicking the TIS 2000 icon located on the Window’s desktop.
Tech 2 Flash Setup
What You Will Need for Tech 2 Flash Setup:
1 The GM SPS application installed onto your PC
(with the USB security key). Also see “System Requirements”
on page 1
2 32 MB PCMCIA card recommended (May, 2005). Call
OTC Technical Services at 800-533-6127 to determine
the current minimum requirements.
3 SPS Kit Components:
  • RS-232 DB9 Serial Port Adapter (P/N 3000111)
  • RS-232 Communications Cable (P/N 3000110)
  • USB Security Key (already installed during software
  • RS-232 Loop-back Adapter (P/N 3000112)
  • User’s Guide (P/N 526933)
4 T2F Kit Components (from Tech 2 Flash Kit):
Battery Power Cable (P/N 3000097)
  • SAE 16/19 Pin Adapter (if the vehicle is OBD II
  • NAO 12/19 Pin Adapter (if the vehicle is not OBD II
  • (Optional) AC to DC Power Supply (P/N 3000113)
  • DLC Cable (P/N 3000095)
  • DLC Loop-back Adapter (P/N 3000110)
Step 1: Verify the Tech 2 Flash and DLC Cable (Power On Self Test - POST)
1 Make the loop-back connections as follows:
a Plug the RS-232 loop-back adapter (item 1) into the
Tech 2 Flash RS-232 port. See Figure 2.1.
b Connect the DLC cable (item 2) to the Tech 2 Flash
VCI connector.
c Connect the DLC loop-back adapter (item 3) to the
DLC cable.

2 To make the power connection, connect one of the
following to the power jack on the DLC cable
(see Figure 2.2. - Item 4):
  • battery power cable (item 1), or
  • cigarette lighter power cable (item 2), or
  • the optional AC to DC power supply

3 Supply power to the Tech 2 Flash.
4 Perform the Power On Self Test (POST) as detailed in the
Tech 2 Flash User’s Guide.
5 The POST automatically verifies the hardware and
detects any Tech 2 Flash malfunctions. Do one of the
  • If any errors are detected, refer to the POST
Troubleshooting Chart located in the Tech 2 Flash
User’s Guide.
  • If no errors are detected, go to the next step.
6 Disconnect the RS-232 loop-back adapter, the power
supply, and the DLC loop-back adapter.
7 Go to the steps
Step 2: Connect the Tech 2 Flash Scan Tool to the PC and to the Vehicle DLC
1 Connect the RS-232 DB9 serial port adapter (Item 1) to
the open COM port on your PC that you selected when
you installed the SPS application.
2 Connect the RS-232 communications cable (Item 2) to the
DB9 serial port adapter (Item 1) and to the Tech 2 RS-232
port (Item 4).
3 If the vehicle is OBD II equipped (Figure 2.3), connect the
SAE 16/19 pin adapter (Item 6) to the DLC cable (Item 5).
(If the vehicle is non-OBD II equipped, skip this step.)

4 If the vehicle is non-OBD II equipped (Figure 2.4), make
the following connections. (If the vehicle is OBD II
equipped, skip this step.)
a Connect the NAO 12/19 pin adapter (Item 6) to the
DLC cable (Item 5).
b Connect a power supply (Item 7) to the DLC cable
(Item 5).
c Connect the power supply to the appropriate power
source (cigarette lighter, battery, or outlet).

5 Connect the DLC cable (Item 5) to the Tech 2 VCI cable
connection (Item 3).
Service Programming Cautions
CAUTION: There are a number of programming
preparations that must be followed exactly or permanent
damage to a reprogrammable control module
could result:
  • Battery voltage– The battery must be between 12.6 and
14 volts. The battery must be completely charged before
programming. Important: Do not program while charging
the battery. Connecting a second battery in parallel
to the vehicle battery helps prevent drawing the battery
charge low enough to cause a fatal error to the vehicle
ECM while programming.
  • Ignition key on, engine not running – One of the PC
message screens requests that the ignition key be turned
on, engine not running. Important: Do not turn the key
to any other position until the programming is complete.
Once programming is complete, turn the ignition
key off, wait about 30 seconds, and then disconnect the
tools. This allows time for the vehicle computer to power
down properly.
  • Power interruption– Important: During programming,
do not interrupt power or DLC connections in
any way. This could cause permanent damage to the
reprogrammable control module. Before programming,
check all connectors and cords for wear, and check all
connections to be sure they are secure. All cords must be
properly routed and secure to prevent any entanglement
with feet or hands.
  • Tampering– A new control module is not preprogrammed.
The memory of an in-use reprogrammable
control module contains the vehicle identification number
(VIN) as well as calibration data. In the course of reprogramming
an in-use control module, the VIN and the
calibration date are replaced. The VIN entered into the
scan tool must match the VIN on the vehicle’s VIN plate.
It is important that the correct VIN be installed in the control
module for future service and in the event of a recall
campaign that requires reprogramming the module. Other
information entered into the program must also be correct.
Programming improper calibration data could adversely
affect vehicle exhaust emissions resulting in violation of
emission control laws and regulations.
  • Self-starting computer applications – ALL personal
computer applications must be turned off before you use
the SPS application. A screen saver, virus detection application,
network connections, or any other applications
that can activate without user prompting must also be
turned off to prevent any disruption in communication.
Any disruption during the reprogramming function can
cause a programming failure and damage the vehicle
  • Current drain – Headlights and fans may be activated
during the reprogramming steps. This can cause enough
current drain to the battery to bring the battery voltage
below an acceptable level for programming, or low
enough to damage the vehicle computer. Set the parking
brake to disable “automatic on” headlights. Remove the
fuses for high current body electronic circuits, but do not
remove the fuse for the vehicle computer circuit.
  • Doors may lock– During programming, leave a window
open to enable access into the vehicle.

Tech 2 Pathing Tablet

Here is a list of practical Tech 2 pathing for your reference. Paths are arranged alphabetically beginning with the end result—the final “string” displayed on the Tech 2 screen.You can use the pathing document to figure out how to get to the end result that you need to test.
Depending on the vehicle, each path originates with one of 12 selections: Powertrain, Chassis, Body, Vehicle Control Systems, HVAC, Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Engine, Transmission/Transaxle, Body and Accessories, and Restraints.
Search for a specific string by using buttons "Ctrl"+"F"
1-2 / 3-4 Shift Solenoid – Powertrain > Special Functions > Transmission Output Controls
1-2 / 3-4 Shift Solenoid – Powertrain > Special Functions > Transmission Output Controls > Solenoid Controls
1-2 Solenoid – Powertrain > Special Functions > Transmission Output Controls
1-2 Solenoid – Transmission/Transaxle > Automatic Transaxle > select optional question(s) if applicable > Special Functions > Powertrain Control Module
1-2 Solenoid – Transmission/Transaxle > Automatic Transaxle > Special Functions > Transmission Control Module

Original:Tech 2 Pathing Tablet

Tech 2 purchased- quality as my original, works good

Tech 2 review: (credits to David)
My overall impression after playing with the Tech 2 scan tool for a few days- This thing is cheap, works great, and is of the same build quality as my original. Some of the few differences that I immediately noticed are the buttons feel different and the screen is much brighter. The buttons on my original have a distinct "click" feel to them, and the clones are mushy. However I found that the more that I press them, the clickier they get. The screen being brighter is a plus.
I just did a "Fast-Learn" on a G8's 6L80E last week with mine. A Snap-On MODUS was not able to do this. There are simply factory diagnostic procedures that a Tech 2 can do on GM vehicles that no other tool can. But yes, to reflash PCM's, TCM's, etc, you need to have authorization from the Tech Center, which means you have to be a dealership or a paying subscriber to the service which is a serious chunk of $$$$.
I reflashed my ecm. only have to buy the 55 dollar three day access. the tis2000 software to flash, and the dongle key to unlock the functions to flash is and extra 25 dollars, and that was why my tech 2 cost me 325. cause i bought the software and dongle with it.
With that said, Bosch (who now owns the rights to GM Tech 2's as they purchased out Vetronix), will not support the unit because it's a factory knock-off. So should you have to replace the VCI module (I've had to replace mine due to wear and tear on the connection where it damaged the motherboard inside), or any other necessary repair.
Also, Tech 2's can only be updated through 2009 MY vehicle info, was my understanding from GM. For 2009+ GM has gone to a new setup called MDI. MDI is backwards compatible with pre-2009 GM vehicles (it even has the software on the screen to emulate the screens you'd see on the T2).

Tech2 vs Tech2win - Read before buying a Tech2 clone

It is very difficult here to find a mechanic that can interface with every function (diagnostic, coding, programming) and most don't know anything about the quirks and troubleshooting methods of these cars. Thats all good, all part of the fun of owning these cars out here they are very rare.
That leaves me with three options:
1) Tech2 clone - These use old hardware and GM have discontinued them although chinese companies seem to still be manufacturing them presumably because there is still a demand for them. There are mixed reviews on the internet but as a general rule it will work for what I need but maybe prone to failure. They will not interface with newer GM vehicles around 2010 plus? (might be slightly off on that year so don't quote me)
2) MDI clone - GM's diagnostic tool for dealerships is the MDI2. These are very expensive but can interface with every GM vehicle. The catch is that the software is done online and very expensive (around 2k per year for the comprehensive options or you can get a 3 day pass for around 50 bucks) The MDI was later replaced by the MDI2.
The chinese have copied the hardware for the MDI but not the MDI2. This probably doesn't matter for me. You can then obtain cracked versions of tech2win and GDS2 on the internet and use your clone MDI in order to interface with every tech2 function using the tech2win cracked version obtainable on the internet or in some cases included with the hardware. These are still somewhat expensive however theoretically more reliable and easier to transport provided you don't mind using a laptop. They are also much faster to transfer data when programming or retrieving data.
3) VXdiag Vcx NANO - This is basically a knock off MDI in a different case with a fake driver to 'trick' the GM applications (GDS2, Tech2win, TIS2000) into thinking its an MDI. These are very cheap and can be obtained for around $100. I have purchased one which includes the cracked versions of above programs.
Using the VXdiag NANO and tech2win application, I have been able to access every tech2 function including completing a CPS variation relearn, access all abs and airbag troubleshooting functions on my '99 C5 corvette. I have also been able to access ServiceProgramming System functions using TIS2000 and the vxdiag nano to update the PCM. This is very promising because of the price in comparison to a tech2 clone.
The catch? I don't think it will work on all GM vehicles. When attempting to interface with my '97 camaro, I was unable to access the ABS or airbag functions of the tech2, receiving a communications error. I guess my camaro is still old enough where the abs and airbag functions are performed over the OBD1 data bus (although it has an obd2 connector). However, I was able to carry out programming using the tis2000 application and access transmission and drivetrain functions.
If you are in the market for a tech2 for your C5 corvette, I think you should not purchase a tech2 clone. Instead, go for the MDI clone, or maybe the vxdiag nano if you are willing to risk the fact it seems to be hit or miss depending on the vehicle(s) you plan to interface with.
I have just purchased an MDI clone so will be interesting to see weather that will allow me to interface with the abs and airbagfunctions on my 97 f-body. If this also fails, I will have to purchase a tech2 clone.
One other thing to note, if you are intending to do programming, the TIS2000 application has not been updated by GM since 2008. Instead, they now use an alternative online based application called 'tis2web'. While TIS2web has been cracked for the european export GM vehicles, it has not yet been cracked for north american operation GM vehicles. As a result, if you are using a newer vehicle for programming, you will really need to purchase a 3 day subscription to tis2web.

Tech 2 clone SP23-B3, SP23-1, SP23-B, SP23-C - Confused!

Tech 2 SP23-B3, SP23-1, SP23-B, SP23-C. Now I am confused. I see several members on this thread bought the SP23-C, you got the SP23-B3, what are the differences?
You have to look carefully at what is included. For example the -B comes with the case but the memory card is not listed or shown. The -B3 came with all the accessories but no case which reduced shipping cost by quite a bit. You can't go wrong with the -B3. It has everything but the case.
From the Sp23-B3 web page:
Tips Help you choose suitable Tech II:
There are 5 configurations of Tech2 on our website, they are SP23-B3, SP23-B, SP23-C and SP23,SP23-1
All of them have the same function, their differences are :
SP23-B is the best Tech2 with a black plastic box, better for shipping
SP23-B3 is the SP23-B with a carton box and best quality
SP23, SP23-C is the same as SP23-B, it also includes the Black carry box, but comes from another manufacture.
SP23-1 is the most cost-effective one,it is with carton box, will help you save much more money.
In details... look at the chart:
Item NO.PackageWeight(kg)32MB CardCANDITIS2000 USB KeyHot Selling
SP23Plastic Case5.1YesYesYES★★★★★
SP23-1Carton Box3.5YesYesyes★★★★★
SP23-BPlastic Case4.8YesYesyes★★★★★
SP23-B3Carton Box3.2YesYesyes★★★★★
SP23-CPlastic Case8.9YesYesyes★★★
SP23-DPlastic Case8.9YesYesyes★★★
SP23-D1Plastic Case8.9yesyesyesjust add 1*sp23-v vci module