GM Tech 2 Clone Price $249

GM Tech 2 Clone Price $249
GM Tech 2 Clone


Tech 2 Scanner for Sale - Able to Program Keys

This is a Tech 2 scanner for sale:
It is in perfect working order and has the screen cover.
The unit comes with the OBD cable and two cards one for Vauxhall and one for Saab
The Candi module and a flight case to put it all in
Also included is the TIS2000 software which you will need to access the security to program keys

Reviews of Tech 2 off

Possible to install Tech2win on Windows 10 32/64 bit?

Is it possible to install GM Tech2win on Windows 10 32 or 64 bit?
That’s what lots of people are looking for. Have read a lot threads and posts on the web and made a collection here. Maybe it helps.
Here you go.
Lenovo Windows 10 32 bit: works good
An excellently designed device. Allscanner LTD made a better product than any of GM’s partnership with German owned Bosch diagnostic tools and for a lot less money. I was able to reprogram a 2008 Cadillac XLR ECU in under 4 minutes using just a Lenovo Windows 10 Celeron laptop. It would have taken around 15 minutes with my Tech2 with CANdi module with serial to USB interface (what an outdated mess). The VX manager runs fine on Windows 10 and so does the Tech2Win program (I don’t know what this BS about having to use Windows 7 is about). The Tech2Win is slightly buggy occasionally, but it’s always been that way. GM crapped that software out most a decade ago.
Dell Lattude E7450 Windows 10 64 bit: works
I have a Dell Lattude E7450 with windows 10 x64 and a touchscreen. I had the same problem as everyone else experienced where it would not pop up the screen to select the MDI. I could get it to popup if I clicked the emulator directly however it crashed since it had no valid params (this is expected by design). I tried many things including the latest Tech2Win and swapping dll files, GM MDI manager versions etc and nothing seemed to work.
In the end the solution came to me and it was quite simple... Went into my device manager, expanded the Human Interface Devices and disabled the touchscreen device. I then could run Tech2Win and the GM MDI selector popped up like it should. If your device only has a touchscreen you will have to add a keyboard (either wired or Bluetooth) before you disable the touchscreen so you can use Tech2Win.
I'm willing to bet some device that some GM dealerships run the software on are touchscreen (with a compatible Lib) and in windows 10 we have some sort of touchscreen Lib (not compatible) conflict with the application.
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Windows 10 64 bit: not work
I tested out full functionality of Tech2Win with my older laptop that I just upgraded to 10. It is working and doing what it should.
I also installed it on a desktop with Win10 and it works......
My brand new Surface Pro 4 does have error. It will not work.
Microsoft Surface pro 2 Windows 10 b4 bit: has error
installed tech2win, (vxdiag vcx nano gds2 and tech2win), it works on one laptop but not on another, both laptops are windows 10 x64

GM Tech2 China Clone:

the one that does not work gives me E668561: Vehicle Communication Interface (e.g. MDI) not found! Is it possibly not installed / not turned on?
The "Select Vehicle Communication Interface" window does not show.
in the log file it shows
07/28/16 18:00:15-638(0000.7603) pdu_api.c (02200) Error 0x00000000 PDU: could not initialize COM XML DOM instance.
07/28/16 18:00:15-638(0000.7617) pdu_api.c (02201) Error 0x00000000 WindowsError 1: Incorrect function.
07/28/16 18:00:15-638(0000.7619) pdu_api.c (01083) Error 0x00000000 Load MVCI DLL failed. Path to DLL:
Computers with Win 10 updated from Win7 Win8: works good
I have found that the 3 computers that this works on that have Windows 10 were all upgraded from windows 8 or windows 7. There could be something that was carried over that keeps Tech2win working that a Win10 only machine might not have or have set the same. So far I have not found a permissions change that fixes it though. It seems to be something else more elusive.
Toshiba C655: works great
Lenova Yoga 900: not works
Acer Switch 12: not works
Microsoft Surface Pro 4:
For some reason the Surface Pro 4 will just not pop up the screen to select the device when you start Tech2win. It won't do it in a VM either. The MDI manager will see the MDI fine native or in the VM.
Newer 64bit desktop: works fine
Old 64 bit laptop: works fine
Windows 10 touch screens mobile device: not run
Older Celeron desktop: works fine
(It’s an older Celeron desktop with only 3 gigs of ram that was just upgraded to win10. It works fine on this computer.)
In summary, you need luck with Tech2win Windows 10.
Btw, info not sure but you can have a try:
For windows 10 you need to use the latest Tech2win 2.332
Previous Tech2win 2.322 is not supported from windows 10


VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Windows 10 Review

VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Windows 10 Review:
The software of  VXDIAG VCX NANO includes two parts: tech2win and GDS2
Version of tech2win: V33.003
Version of GDS2: V2016.1.0
Recently ran into an issue where i wanted to replace my aftermarket pioneer (didn't like it and much prefer my smart phone) with a stock unit. Found a cheap OEM unit on eBay. After install, i realized that factory head units are tied to the original cars VIN. No problem, i'll pay the dealership to fix the issue. Only problem they outright say they CANNOT guarantee they can fix the locked status of my radio and i'd still have to pay. As an IT/Network technician, i couldn't imagine telling people i can't guarantee i can fix your network or pc problems, but you still owe me full price plus tax.
Enter the VXDIAG VCX Nano. I was looking into gm tech 2 clone's for the past couple weeks and stumbled onto this gem. There is very little info on this product, but i still had more faith in this thing and myself more than my own dealership so i took the plunge. For $119 on, i basically have the software version of a tech II device. I was able to unlock my radio in a matter of minutes. Have never used a real or upscale scan tool device so i can't compare but just poking through some of the menus, it looks like i can do anything a tech II can. Cool thing is that the tech2win software runs just fine on my Windows 10 64bit laptop. Would be even cooler with a surface pro or similar tablet. I'm sure there are reasons for owning an actual tech II device over just software, but i wanted to try something different out of curiosity and explore other options for those that want an even cheaper alternative.

I am impressed so far....
Good tool!
I was only speaking for the tech2win software. That i did run straight from a Windows 10 64-bit laptop. Website says that GDS2 only runs from a Windows XP/7 32-bit computer. If there is a simple GDS2 test that anyone can think of for me to try, i then confirm or deny this claim. FYI i have a windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 32 & 64 bit laptops. So i could try on any operating system.
Important tips - Tech2Win GDS2 on Windows 10
On tech2win, although the op is stating that its working in 64 bit mode, really want to go through it to double check if it needs to run in win 7 compatible mode for everything to work "correctly" instead.
Putting tech2win into win 7 compatibility mode is the way and it’s not hard to do.
Go to the start icon for tech2win, right click it and go to properties, and see if you can click the box and make it run it in win 7 mod.
If the box is grayed out and you can not do it this way, click on the windows icon, type in run in the search box, then find run program made for a previous version of windows in list it will bring out and click on that to open that program. From here, it pretty straight forward to find Tech2 win, and change tech2 win so it running in win 7 compatible mode.
As for SDS, need to see that if it has for any type of account already set up in it's memory. Hence in VM, gds2 should run fine.
I fired up the GDS2 software and that indeed runs off Windows XP. But it does come with the VM software. So far everything works under my Windows 10, but like i said the GDS2 is running in the VM software
But without a active account in SDS, it’s never going to connect to GM to pull firmware files down that way instead.
Hell who knows, and if the SDS program on the disco does not have a hidden account on it, maybe you can access GMvia the cloud software instead.

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